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A 47 year old,rap rhyme minister/musician,with a classical style.Check out

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My new sounds:

My rap single about the essence. Of being “a hero” in life. Supporting beat is called.”Voice Of The Victorious”,by Epistra of Jee Juh Productions.

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For those enjoying Google Plus. As well as Tumblr. Feel free to follow and connect with me,TheRappinFireFoxTheChefProfess. On my Google Plus webpage.

My rap single about getting your “bucket-list”,main goals achieved. Without procrastination and regret. Beat is called,”Terminator”,by Apollo V. Of Jee Juh Productions.

While world goes 4G, Ukraine still waiting for 3G

Mobile I-phone and smart phone technology. Expanding within Ukraine. With 60 million mobile subscription connections. In a nation of 45 to 46 million.

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My new sounds:

My new sounds: